Saturday, April 5, 2014

SS Great Britain (again)

Day 249:

We took Baba to the SS Great Britain today. Since we had already been there in September we didn't have to pay this time. Yay!

We met Jeff's mum and friend Nige once we got off the boat.

Then we wandered over to the Bristol Rowing Club Regatta.

This is the boat that two rowers from the South West of England are going to use to row across the Atlantic Ocean. On June 6th, Darby Walters and Elliot Dale will leave Manhattan and row 3, 246 miles to the Isles of Scilly.

They are attempting to break the 117 year old world record and they are also raising money for Children's Hospice.

Click this link for more information about their journey.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Bristol Delights

Day 248 (part 2):

I let my dad relax and get over his jeg lag yesterday, but today I took him out for a walk. We went to a nearby coffee shop and a few charity shops so that he could stock up on some books.

This kitty made a bee-line for us.

Dad had his first ever espresso.

I wanted him to try scones with jam and clotted cream so I decided to make my own scones. These scones were so easy to make and tasted so much better than the ones in the store. The recipe is here.

Jeff prefers his scones the Devonshire way...

...while I prefer the Cornish method.

For dinner we had fish, chips and mushy peas.

Dad was treated to six hot air balloons, as well.

Egg Heads and Onesie Day

Day 248 (part 1):

The school had a contest for Easter and students were invited to make a craft or picture. We decided to make egg heads.

A week before the projects were due we emptied out some eggs and washed them. Once the eggs dried we put a cotton ball inside, sprinkled the cotton with cress seeds, and then watered the seeds. A few days later the cress started to sprout. The day before the projects were due the kids added faces.

This is one of Lauchy's eggs.

He decided to give this guy a mohawk.

Addie's egghead.

Heather tried to make hers look like a rabbit.

Addie and Lauchy brought their eggs to school for the contest and Addie was so pleased to win second place for Key Stage 2 (KS2 are grades 3 to 6). Lauchy was sad that his eggs weren't chosen.

Today was also "Onesie Day" at school and students were allowed to wear onesies to school rather than uniforms. Onesies seem to be a big deal here and you can find them in almost every store and in every size. In Canada it seems common for babies and toddlers to wear onesies (we call them "feet pajamas") but we have a hard time finding feet pajamas in bigger sizes. It would be no trouble for me to go to a store and find a onesie for me to wear. You can buy cotton ones, fleece ones, fuzzy ones, and they come in a variety of designs.

We dashed off to the store to find onesies for the kids and this is what we found. Lauchy was self-conscious about his onesie and he worried that people would think he was wearing an American flag.

Thanks to Baba for buying the onesies for the kids!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

School Things

Day 247:

It sure is a busy time at the school. It seems like every week the parents are invited to the school for an event.

Heather had her "Africa" wind-up yesterday. Last week, Addie's class had their "Rivers" wind-up and we also got to paint each other in the style of Vincent Van Gogh. It was a lot of fun, but mostly because my horrid painting of Addie had us in a fit of giggles.

The painting was going okay until I had to paint her face,
and then things started to go horribly wrong. Poor girl.

At least I didn't make her head triangular. Seriously, 
is that what the top of my head really looks like?

Meanwhile, Lauchy's class had their "Dinosaur" wind-up today. Parents were invited to the school and there were a variety of activities set-up in different classrooms.

We started with the junk pile...

 ...and turned some junk...

...into a cool dinosaur.

I helped with the taping, but Lauchy did most of 
the work himself, including the dinosaur design.

The next station was collage.

Finally, we ended the morning with painting.

It was a lovely way for the students to end their unit on dinosaurs and I really liked that they invited parents to participate.

The students also had a weekly homework assignment, although they only had to choose 1 out of 6 dinosaurs. Lauchy researched 2 dinosaurs. This is his homework project on the Pterodactyl.

I am getting some great ideas for when I go back to teaching. There are also a lot of neat things that happen at this school that I can take back to the PTA at our school in Canada.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Welcome To England

Day 246:

At long last, Baba has arrived! We have been excited about my dad coming to England for months and after a long day of travel, he finally arrived.

The Year 5 students were having their Africa showcase so I went to the school to watch while Jeff picked up my dad from the bus station. Dad and Jeff then came to the school to meet us.

Heather got to do some drumming.

Then she got to give Baba some hugs.

Lauchy didn't waste any time 
telling Baba a variety of stories.

Finally Addie came out. As she came 
out and saw Baba I heard her say, "YES!".

We managed to keep Baba up until 6:30 p.m. but then he needed to get to bed. Only 2 more days until the kids are off for a break. They are all looking forward to spending time with Baba.