Monday, September 1, 2014

My First Canoe Trip!

I've been fortunate to go away every year with my friends. The past several years we have gone kayaking but the kayaks are expensive to rent and it is limiting where we can go with kayaks. Kayaks are very heavy and we only get to certain places with them.

Last year while I was in England my friends switched things up and went on a canoe trip instead. The canoes are also heavy, but are easier to portage than kayaks. We decided to go on another canoe trip again this year - my first canoe trip ever!

Our van was loaded with 2 canoes and the trailer carried the 3rd canoe plus all of our gear for 3 full days. The weather was fine when we pulled out of town but it very quickly turned to torrential rain!

Thank goodness for S and I who drove through the horrid weather!

We spent the night in a motel close to Killarney and we were all grateful to wake-up to clouds, but no rain. Here are the canoes loaded up and ready to go.

I've been in a canoe before, but have never paddled one, but thankfully it wasn't too difficult! I didn't want to let my partner down. We paddled on Johnnie Lake first and then...

...we had one small portage to do before we made it to our camp site.

We stayed on Ruth Roy Lake where there are only 2 sites. We wanted to get the second site and we were happy when we discovered that it was still available.

The forecast was calling for rain (as usual!) so we put up a large tarp.

Since we were also in bear-country we hung our food barrels, too.

This snapping turtle visited us a few times.

He didn't seem scared and stayed close as we washed up from dinner.

The second day we went for a hike in search of an "unofficial trail" from a map we had called, "Jeff's Map" (not my Jeff, though).

We did a lot of bushwhacking and although we never did find the trail...

...there was lots to see along the way.

Back at our site we noticed a black bear in the distance. We are always careful about burning our food waste, putting away the garbage, and hanging the food, but we were extra careful that night. The bear never seemed to come our way, thank goodness!

A smaller turtle visited that night.

On our last day we went to an official 
trail so that we could hike up to Silver Peak.

We had 2 portages and 2 lakes to paddle before we got to the trail head.

These are heavy canoes!

When we finally made it to the trail it was an hour hike to the top.

We had perfect weather for the top!

Heading back to our camp.

It was a long day - we left our site at 9:45 and didn't return until 6:00. 

We spent some time enjoying the sun before making dinner.

We had 3 canoes and 1 kayak for this trip.

We had gorgeous weather for the pack-up and paddle-out.

Until next year...